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Type Pro Con
Die Casting
   High productivity
   Low price materials and
   Available for molding thin
   Low yield strength and
    elongation (Yield strength:
   Rate of gas contained is high
    (10~40cc/100g AL)
    navailable for heat treatment
    and welding.
Squeeze Die Casting
Gravity Casting
   Strength (Tensile strength:
     280MPa, Yield strength:250
     MPa, Elongation:8%)
   Rate of gas contained is low
     (1cc/100g AL) Available for
     heat treatmentand welding.
   Low productiviy
    (Cycle time 120sec)
   High production cost
    Unavailable for molding thin
    product (Difficult of molking
    under 5t)
PF Die Casting

   Excellent productivity (Cycle time 60sec)
   Few segregation because of earlier condensation.
   Small amount of gas contained (1cc/100g AL)
   Excellent molding/High Strength
    (Tensile Strength:250 MPa, Yield strenght:200MPa,
   Suitable for molding thin products
   Low cost process compared to Squeeze Die Casting